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I have a peculiar requirement. I have following two methods:

public void doSomething(String[] message){

    message[0] = "1";

public void validateDoSomething(String[] message){
        System.out.println("message[0] must be 1");

As you can see, I have two methods doSomething() and validateDoSomething(). The latter methods serving as validation to former method. The idea here is to use validateDoSomething() in unit testing and other validation driven framework.

The issue we are having with this approach is when a new line of code is added to doSomething() methods say message[2] = "2", how do we ensure its equivalent validateDoSomething() methods is also updated? Further, if something is changed instead of adding like message[0] = '23' how to make sure validateDoSomething() also reflects this?

We can solve this using process approach where we document and make sure any developer updating doSomething also updates its equivalent validate method. But is there a technology solution to this problem? Are there any tools available to make sure developer is forced to update validate method as well?

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You could use a List<String> instead and write a test checking the size to be 1. This why your test would fail when another message is added and the person is reminded to update the test. – Micha Wiedenmann Jun 28 '13 at 16:45

This is why code reviews are important. If you set standards like this in your project, you need to have code reviewed by a peer to check for things like this before you can call a task done.

If something is easy to forget, implement policy that makes 2 developers have to forget it.

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