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Using VB6

I have the text file with different sizes, so i want to delete the file where filesize = 0 kb.

How to make a vb6 code for deleting the 0 kb files.

Need vb6 code Help

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Why would you be using vb6? Legacy code? –  Carson Myers Nov 15 '09 at 9:21

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You can use the FileLen function to check the file size.

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You can use the FileLen function. See here:

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Try this function:

Sub DeleteZeroLengthFile(ByRef sFilePath As String)
' Inputs:  sFilePath        Filename or path name of file to be tested.
' Outputs: <None>
' In/Outs: <None>
' Errors:  Will raise error if file doesn't exist, is inaccessible, is locked, or user
'          doesn't have permissions.

    If FileLen(sFilePath) = 0 Then
        Kill sFilePath
    End If

End Sub
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