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I've been working on an R script that would automatically scrape the text from the Congressional Record hosted at THOMAS (

THOMAS allows users to 'browse' through the daily issues of the Congressional Record. I think the way that it will work best is to follow these steps:

  1. List out the links to each daily issue (ex.: is the link for the 10/19/1990 issue in the House)
  2. For each link, get all of the links to the individual 'articles' (the articles are linked to with a temporary search query that is only active for 30 minutes).
  3. Loop through the articles and follow the link for the 'printer-friendly' version (for a variety of reasons, this seems like the best option -- for example, if you look at the 10/19/1990 House issue linked above and click on article 37--"CONFERENCE REPORT ON H.R. 5229, DEPARTMENT OF TRANSPORTATION AND RELATED AGENCIES APPROPRIATIONS ACT, 1991"--you will be directed to a new page with a list of links to sections of the debate over HR 5229. The 'printer-friendly' version lists out all the text in one place.
  4. Scrape the text from the printer-friendly page

I'm getting hung up on step 3. For some reason, it always returns a '404 Not Found' error.

The following code gets most of the way there:

setwd("U:/Congressional Record")

root <- ""
url <- ""

^^points to the links for the 101st Congress

doc <- htmlParse(url)
links <- as.vector(xpathSApply(doc, "//a/@href"))
hou <- grep("\\+h\\)", links)
sen <- grep("\\+s\\)", links)

links <- sort(c(links[hou], links[sen]))
link.ex <- 'href=\\"[^]].*<em>'
title.ex <- '[0-9]+\\s+\\.\\s+\\w*' 
timeout <- 'Search results in THOMAS are temporary and are deleted 30 minutes after creation.Please try your search again.'

^^gets the links from the page and sets up the required regular expressions for use below.

txt <- NULL ##container for scraped text
for (j in links) { ##begin loop through issues
    ##append a break for each day
    txt <- c(txt, '*#*#start new day#*#*', j)
    u <- paste(root, j, sep="")
    doc <- htmlParse(u)
    ##pull out the links
    l <- as.vector(xpathSApply(doc, "//a/@href"))
    ##find subset only the links that lead to text from CR
    s <- grep("query", l)

    ##get a list of titles for each entry
    t <- readLines(u)
    ##clean it up a little
    t <- gsub('</*\\w*/*>', '', t, perl=TRUE)
    ##find the titles
    tInds <- grep(title.ex, t)
    tEnds <- regexpr('<', t[tInds])
    titles <- substr(t[tInds], 1, tEnds-2)

    for (k in 1:length(s)) { ##begin loop through articles of the daily issue
        u <- paste(root, l[s[k]], sep='')
        t <- readLines(u)
        doc2 <- htmlParse(u)
        as.vector(xpathSApply(doc2, "//a/@href"))
        ##refresh the search if it has taken too long
        timed <- grep(timeout, t)
        if (length(timed)>0) {
            u <- paste(root, j, sep="")
            doc <- htmlParse(u)
            ##pull out the links
            l <- as.vector(xpathSApply(doc, "//a/@href"))   
            u <- paste(root, l[k], sep='')
            t <- readLines(u)

        ##find the 'printer friendly' link
        ##for some reason the printer link doesn't work when I try to
        ##automatically scrape it from the site...

        i <- grep('Printer Friendly Display', t)
        ##extract the link and follow it
        pr <- regexpr(link.ex, t[i], perl=TRUE)
        li <- paste(root, 
            substr(t[i], pr[1]+8, pr[1]+attr(pr, 'match.length')[1]-7),
        t <- readLines(li)

        ##clean the text
        t <- gsub('</*\\w*/*>', '', t, perl=TRUE)

        ##code to scrape the text...

    } ##end loop through articles

} ##end loop through issues
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This line is your problem:

li <- paste(root, 
            substr(t[i], pr[1]+8, pr[1]+attr(pr, 'match.length')[1]-7),

It is giving you, for example:

> li
[1] ""

When you want (with "cgi-bin" instead of "gi-bin"):


Some other comments about your code:

  1. txt <- c(txt, '*#*#start new day#*#*', j) is a very inefficient way of growing a vector.
  2. doc <- htmlParse(u) and t <- readLines(u) are nearly redundant (you do this once in your outer loop and once in your inner loop). You could readLines then parseHTML on the retrieved object to halve your server requests.
  3. This line as.vector(xpathSApply(doc2, "//a/@href")) doesn't store anything.
  4. You reuse a lot of variable names, like t and u, to mean different things at different points in time, which is confusing and will inevitably cause you problems at some point.
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Thanks for the comments! Those are really helpful (I can't believe I didn't catch that silly mistake). – user2488818 Jun 28 '13 at 20:09
No problem; happens to all of us. If you found this helpful, I'd appreciate an upvote and/or accept of the answer. – Thomas Jun 28 '13 at 20:20

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