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Using Geocoder gem, i have a helper method that can show current location. I would like to show users events that belong to their home country and nothing else. I can't figure out how to pass the info to the controller.


def myplace
     @myplace = request.location.country


<%= myplace %>

I am trying to pass myplace to the controller


@events = Event.where('start_at > ?', Time.zone.now).where(country: params[:myplace]).order('end_at ASC').limit(4)

Can you please explain to me how i can query events based on user's locale.

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your controller has access to the request, so you could:

@events = Event.where('start_at > ?', Time.zone.now).where(country: request.location.country).order('end_at ASC').limit(4)
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I don't know why i was going the long way.. Thanks mate –  Benjamin Jun 28 '13 at 17:29

If you want a method to be available to both your views and controllers, it doesn't go in your helper files. You need to put it in your controller, and make it available as a helper to your views with helper_method:

class MyController

  helper_method :myplace

  def my_action
    @events = Event.where('start_at > ?', Time.zone.now)
      .where(country: myplace)
      .order('end_at ASC').limit(4)


  def myplace
    @myplace = request.location.country
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Thanks for this, i truly appreciate –  Benjamin Jun 28 '13 at 17:29

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