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I've been porting some code from java to php, and noticed that php doesn't have multithreading. I'm just curious as to how else would web services handle thousands/millions of requests ?

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PHP doesn't care how many requests there are, it's the web server that has to handle/thread the request (instances).

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Correct, as long as the web server is multi-threaded, it can launch each request into a separate thread. Unless your web request is doing something very complex, there is nothing to gain by that single request being multi-threaded. Also keep in mind, that by default, ASP.NET and JSP are only 1 thread, you have to specifically code things to use multiple threads, every step of the way. They don't automatically give you some magic free multithreaded speed bonus just because it's supported. –  TravisO Jun 28 '13 at 17:27

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