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Input is nvarchar that varies in format from m/d/yy to mm/dd/yyyy. How can this be converted to mm/dd/yyyy in SQL? So far the CONVERT() function works for the format m/d/yyyy but errors for m/d/yy.

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Cast it as a date like so:

cast(@m + '/' + @d + '/' + @y as datetime)

or similarly

cast('m/d/yy' as datetime)

cast(Fieldnamehere as datetime)
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yes you can split nvarchar and get month day & year... –  Sac Jun 28 '13 at 17:36

update table_name set column_name = convert(varchar,cast(column_name as date),101) or if a select statment select convert(varchar,cast(column_name as date),101)

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