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I'm building an app with JQuerymobile and using a tab bar.

In my app I want to change one of the tab bar labels (and icons)

I added a class to the tab bar list item a tag and try to do this:


but it doesn't change it because JQuerymobile's javascript manipulated the DOM a bunch. I could do it manually by checking how things changed, but not only is this messy, a different structure occurs for the "active" tab bar page vs the hidden tab bars.

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Found a workaround.

Instead of making a class on the anchor , I made a class on the actual value.

<a  href="#login" data-transition="fade" data-theme="f" data-icon="delete">


<a  href="#login" data-transition="fade" data-theme="f" data-icon="delete">
<span class="nav_login_button">Login</span>
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<span class="ui-btn-inner"><span class="ui-btn-text">Anchor</span></span>

jQuery mobile adds the above markup for buttons. So to change the text of button you have to use following:

$("#buttonId .ui-btn-text").text("New text");


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Check demo here http://jsfiddle.net/yeyene/ttjGv/4/

$("#change").on('click', function () {
    $("#myTab li .ui-btn-text").text("New text");
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