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With the code found at A dual dendodogram tile plot can be produced:

dual_dendogram_tile_plot(as.matrix(USArrests), main="USA Arrests")

enter image description here

The problem: Align the vertical dendogram with the tile plot area. (and/or improve the alignment of the horizontal dendogram)

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if you're going to align both vertically and horizontally to the plot panel, your best option is to get a good understanding of gtable, in my opinion, and from there you'll be able to append new grobs, new viewports, etc. to the not-so-basic gtable returned by ggplot. – baptiste Jun 28 '13 at 18:02
Thanks alot baptiste! The gist now reflects your answer. – Etienne Low-Décarie Jun 28 '13 at 20:28

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Here's an example to align more basic grobs,

require(ggplot2); require(gtable)
p <- qplot(1,1)
g <- ggplotGrob(p)

g <- gtable_add_cols(g, unit(1,"cm"))

g <- gtable_add_grob(g, rectGrob(gp=gpar(fill="red")),
                     t = 2, l=ncol(g), b=3, r=ncol(g))

g <- gtable_add_rows(g, unit(1,"in"), 0)
g <- gtable_add_grob(g, rectGrob(gp=gpar(fill="blue")),
                     t = 1, l=4, b=1, r=4)


enter image description here

and with your grobs

enter image description here

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gtable is amazing! Thanks! – Etienne Low-Décarie Jun 28 '13 at 20:49

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