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The following works fine if it is creating a new folder and apply policy.

But if there is existing folder and it has a different policy, it doesn't change to the policy I am applying.

Spent couple of days on it, couldn't find a solution, appreciate anyone out there who might be able to help me with this.


FindFoldersResults foundFolders = _service.FindFolders(WellKnownFolderName.Inbox, new FolderView(100) { Traversal = FolderTraversal.Deep });

Folder foundFolder = foundFolders.Folders.Where(e => e.DisplayName == folderName).FirstOrDefault();

            string folderName = "Test Folder";
            Folder foundFolder = foundFolders.Folders.Where(e => e.DisplayName == folderName).FirstOrDefault();

Folder folder = null;
if (foundFolder != null)
   folder = Folder.Bind(_service, foundFolder.Id);
  folder = new Folder(_service);

  folder.DisplayName = folderName;


string oneDayPolicyTag = "de576248ada844718c6adf97235d2a15";
Guid policyGuid = new Guid(oneDayPolicyTag);

//Policy Tag 0x3019  
ExtendedPropertyDefinition policyTag = new ExtendedPropertyDefinition(Convert.ToInt32("0x3019", 16), MapiPropertyType.Binary);

//Retention Flag 0x301D  
ExtendedPropertyDefinition retentionFlag = new ExtendedPropertyDefinition(Convert.ToInt32("0x301D", 16), MapiPropertyType.Integer);

//Retention Period 0x301A  
ExtendedPropertyDefinition retentionPeriod = new ExtendedPropertyDefinition(Convert.ToInt32("0x301A", 16), MapiPropertyType.Integer);

folder.SetExtendedProperty(retentionFlag, 137);
folder.SetExtendedProperty(retentionPeriod, 1095);
folder.SetExtendedProperty(policyTag, policyGuid.ToByteArray());

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