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I have Java code the successfully connects Java to MySQL.

I have two classes. One that creates the GUI with Java and another class that specifically gets information from MySQL.

I'm trying to find a good way to put a whole row of information as a String into each JLabel on MyGUI.

Here is my code in each class (excluding connecting to the database):


String result = "";

contactsList() {

    //extra classes
    db=new database();

    result = db.getContact();

label1 =new JLabel(result);


PreparedStatement pst, pst2; ResultSet rs, rs2;

pst2 = con.prepareStatement("select LastName, FirstName from contacts");

public String getContact()
  String result2 = "";
   try {

  while (rs2.next())
        result2 = rs2.getString(1);

  return result2;

 catch (Exception e) {
        // TODO Auto-generated catch block
        System.out.println("error while validating"+e);
        return "";


Right now the rows in my Contacts table in MySQL has columns separated by commas

1, Rivera, Angelo, 2890 something st. ventura 93003, Null

2, Person, Random, 1223 I dunno ave. Camairllo 93001, 423-123-5313

Right now when I try to put a whole row in the "label1" the only text it shows is "Person".

How do I make it so it shows the whole Row in the JLabel?

Also how would I format the code so I can call the the function to get the next row of information and put it into another label?


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You are only asking it to retrieve one column from your result set by the looks of things :

result2 = rs2.getString(1);

If you want to display more data, you just need to retrieve it and format it somehow :

result2 = rs2.getString(1) + " : " + rs2.getString(2);

for example.

But there are other problems with the select statement I think.

select LastName, FirstName from contacts

will retrieve the LastName and FirstName from every row in the database. The way your loop construct works means that result2 will contain the data for the last row in the table only. Is that what you are trying to achieve?

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I would suggest using a JTable for this. Read the section from the Swing tutorial on How to use JTable for more information.

Then you might want to check out Table From Database. The Table From Database Example code may be the easiest way to start.

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