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I've got my routing setup like this:

angular.module('MyApp', ['MyApp.controllers']).
  config(['$routeProvider', function($routeProvider) {
    $routeProvider.when('/foo', {
        templateUrl: '/fooTemplate',
        controller: 'FooCtrl'

What I'd like to do is prefix a path to '/foo' at runtime, so depending on how my app is configured, the route might be /foo, might be /some/arbitrary/path/foo, etc.

Ideally I could write something like:

$routeProvider.when(prefix + '/foo', {
    templateUrl: '/fooTemplate',

But cannot figure out how to inject that prefix into my config method.

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It should be something like:

.when('/:prefix/foo', {templateUrl: 'details.html', controller: DetailsCtrl})

The prefix will then be available in the controller through $routeParams. If you would like it to handle the option foo without a prefix just simply place it in the routing and make sure it is before the example above.

.when('/foo', {templateUrl: 'details.html', controller: DetailsCtrl})
.when('/:prefix/foo', {templateUrl: 'details.html', controller: DetailsCtrl})
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