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I have a program that has the following basic structure:

while( true )
    // get any X11 events
    while( XPending( display ) > 0 )
       // get an event using XNextEvent and do stuff with it

    // draw to the display

The program is rendering an opengl scene. The problem I am having is that when I click and start dragging on the window, the XPending call get blocks until i finish the drag sequence, thus halting any animations that were in progress. I can solve this solution by having another thread send Expose events and thus waking up the XPending call, but ideally I would like to have an X function that checks for events but does not block at all.

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If you just want to process received events without blocking to wait for more, use XEventsQueued(display, QueuedAlready) instead of XPending(display).

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Thanks. Turns out my problem was actually that my "draw to the display" code was inside the XPending while loop instead of outside like I have shown above. Moving it outside of the loop cause everything to work right, so it appears that XPending was not really blocking as I had thought. – pauld Jun 28 '13 at 19:52

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