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I have a templated class with a method for which I need a different implementation for a specific template type. How do i get it done?

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You can specialise the method for that type. E.g.

template<typename T>
struct TemplatedClass
    std::string methodA () {return "T methodA";}

    std::string methodB () {return "T methodB";}
    std::string methodC () {return "T methodC";}

// Specialise methodA for int.

std::string TemplatedClass<int>::methodA ()
    return "int methodA";
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You'll have to create a partial (or full) specialization for this particular type.

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You’ve got to specialize the whole type though, you cannot just partially specialize member functions. This is implicit in the answer but it could be misunderstood. –  Konrad Rudolph Nov 15 '09 at 10:43
You can get around this limitation by using a base class to provide the default implementation (and making the constructors / destructors of this base class protected to avoid using it). –  Matthieu M. Nov 15 '09 at 14:40

Timo's answer only allows you to specialize the class as a whole, meaning that the compiler won't automatically copy the member functions from the base type to the specialized type.

If you want to specialize a particular method in the class without re-creating everything else, it's a little more complicated. You can do it by passing a size-zero templated struct as an argument, like this:

template<typename T> struct TypeHolder { };

template<typename T> class TemplateBase {
    void methodInterface() {
    void anotherMethod() {
        // implementation for a function that does not
        // need to be specialized
    void methodImplementation(TypeHolder<int>) {
        // implementation for int type
    void methodImplementation(TypeHolder<float>) {
        // implementation for float type

The compiler will inline the appropriate methodImplementation into methodInterface, as well as elide the size-zero struct, so it will be just as if you had done a specialization on the member function only.

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