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i have an assignment at my company to build a custom cms, for the foundation i ve chosen latest laravel(version 4, i believe).

Now, the requirements in laravel docs(http://laravel.com/docs/installation#server-requirements) say minimal version of php on server required is 5.3.7, our servers have php 5.3.23.

I am right now on a weekend, so i cant check my code on the server( been developing the basics on localhost with xampp which has latest php).

Has anyone tried laravel 4 on pre-5.3.7 php?? i m very worried all of last week's work is going to the bin... :(

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5.3.7 < 5.3.23

PHP 5.3.23 is perfectly fine since it came out AFTER 5.3.7.

PHP 5.3.23 came out March 14th 2013, while PHP 5.3.7 came out August 18th 2011.

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thanks! i thought its 7 like 70, in most version numbers, you know, then itd be newer then 23, well lucky me anyway and thanks.a lot for lifting that mountain off my shoulders :-) – Sergey Sob Jun 28 '13 at 21:50

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