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I am trying to learn on designing online maps and showing data on maps. There are so many information on the net but they are messy. I hope someone can answer this question so that the process be clearer.

I am using Django, GeoDjango for my site. So i have a postgresql database with postgis enabled. From my searches i have taken the below steps.

1- Use osm( openstreetmap ) to get map data. I need only one country data so i have found link to load osm data as shape file. 2- Use tilemill to style the map. Export as MBTiles.

3- ??? Now i have MBTiles but how can i use those tiles. This is the question ?

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A bit hard to figure out what the question is, but it looks like you're trying to find a tile server to make those MBTiles online. Look to TileStache for that.

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Once you have exported map as .MBtiles(Sqlite database), you can use TMS Layer of openlayer to show your map. checkout this link for implementation of TMS layer.

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