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This is with TypeScript in Visual Studio 12 Express. My TypeScriptTarget is set to ES5.

I'm trying to use custom data-* attributes with TypeScript. This is a piece of the html:

<button id="b_FillRed" class="Fill" type="button" data-test="Test Data" onclick="canvasFill(this, 'canvas1', 'red')">Fill Red</button>

and this is a piece of the TypeScript canvasFill function:

var dataTest: string = sender.getAttribute("data-test");
var dataTest1: string = sender.dataset.test;

The first line works and dataTest is correctly loaded with "Test Data" The second line throws an error: Unable to get property 'test' of undefined or null reference

Am I not doing the correctly or does this just not work?

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The expression-level behavior here doesn't really matter if it was compiled from TypeScript or not. Can you post a self-contained example that demonstrates the problem? – Ryan Cavanaugh Jun 28 '13 at 20:51

The problem seems to be with IE 10. The same file works in both Firefox and Chrome.

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IE does not support the dataset property. Instead, use elt.getAttribute("data-test");. This should change in IE11. See http://caniuse.com/dataset.

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