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I am developing a tool to extract people's web visits on Mac and Windows (history on Chrome, Firefox, and Safari). I have successfully retrieved history generated by Chrome and Firefox. However, I am having trouble retrieve the complete browsing history on Safari.

I have done some searches and know that, on Mac, Safari stores history records in these two files:

  • /Users//Library/Safari/History.plist (storing the "last visit" time of a page and visit count)
  • /Users//Library/Caches/ (storing blob cache data, URL, timestamp).


Originally, I was planning to use the information from these two files (or just the Cache.db) to re-construct the complete browsing history on Safari. However, after examining the cache.db for a few times, I realize that it might not store all the records.

For example, I have tried to visit Google through 1) typing in the URL in the address bar and 2) using bookmarks to access the page. Both of them leave records with no entries like "". *The closest one is "", with a long list of parameters following after*, but I assume that this could potentially also be records generated when I visit other web sites that also use Google Analytics, so I cannot use this to say that it means someone visits Google.

Did I miss something?

Are there other files that I should know to reconstruct the complete browsing history for Safari?

Do people have similar experience or know whether it is possible to reconstruct the complete browsing history for Safari?

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I got it. Please follow following path then you will retrieve Browser history for iOS7 iPhone.


In iOS7 safari app not a system app. When you open Applications folder then you can find history and other plist files.

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Although I was originally asking about the history from Safari on a laptop/desktop computer, but thanks! –  Perry May 18 at 18:14

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