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I've got a problem when I try to sync files in two different repos. What I want to do is:

I've got 2 repos A and B, and they share some common files, suppose they lie in A/docs/common/ and B/docs/common. So when I write some new docs in A and I want to update it to B or vice versa. How can I do?

I try this: I write a .hgignore in A to ignore the files I don't want to sync to B, and then try to hg push B's repo url. It doesn't work.

So how can I do this?


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If I'm reading it correctly and your repository roots are above the docs directory (test: hg root says /file/path not /file/path/A) Your current soln, ignoring the files outside of docs in both repos, won't work because mercurial tracks full file paths back to root, to A/ and B/ are part of your file paths so they're different in different the two repos making them separate repos.

One thing you could do is use Mercurial's sub-repository support to make docs a sub-repo that's "included" within both A and B. Then you can push/pull docs around and the separate, different parent repos will keep track of what point on docs they've been updated to.

If I misread your original situation and A and B are just separate clones and docs is a top level directory with the same path in both repos (test: hg root is /file/path/A and file/path/B), then you've got a totally normal mercurial situation that should be working. Just make sure you're commiting, pushing (or pulling), and updating and you should see changes migrate across.

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