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I would like to display a permanent notification with close button but it only seems to display a permanotice example without the "x" close button.

There is a sample in the pines notify site

To display the permanent notice:

if (permanotice) {
} else {
    permanotice = $.pnotify({
        title: 'Now Look Here',
        text: 'There\'s something you need to know, and I won\'t go away until you come to grips with it.',
        nonblock: true,
        hide: false,
        closer: false,
        sticker: false

this is the destroy the notice:

if (permanotice.pnotify_remove) permanotice.pnotify_remove();

is there a way to show the permanotice with the option to close it manually by clicking the "x"??

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Is this what you looking for?

    title: 'No Sticky Button Notice',
    text: 'Check me out! I\'m a sticky notice with no unsticky button. You\'ll have to close me yourself.',
    hide: false,
    sticker: false

Directly from Pines Notify documentation.

Anyway, If you are not happy with Pines Notify, try with jGrowl.

No Sticky Button.

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