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I am using cloud9 on beaglebone, and trying to use git from the cloud9 console. I can download a repository from github:

   git clone http://github.com/myname/myfile.git

This works fine and creates the proper directories and files. But when I make changes, commit tham, and try to upload the changes with push:

   git push

The next line in the console asks me for a username, but I am not able to enter one, so the push isn't completed.

If, instead, I use linux directly and navigate to the proper directory and enter the "git push" command from there (instead of cloud9), it works fine and all changes are pushed to github.

How can I do the push directly from the console on cloud9 on beaglebone to github?

Note the cloud9 implementation on beaglebone doesn't implement the dashboard (the solution suggested in the cloud9 documentation).

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