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Question says it all, really. My application is a time tracker. It's currently written as a spreadsheet, but there's just too much data and I would like to impose a bit more structure on it.

SQLite seems like a neat way to go.
I would be open to other suggestions, too.

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There are some providers available:



And you can get up and running in just three minutes according to this chap:


Updated Jan 5 2009: We actually have this rolled out to our shared (partial trust) hosting environment and it works really well according to early customer feedback.

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Thanks. the 3 minute article is pure gold. I'm up and running now! –  AJ. Oct 6 '08 at 11:15

If you are working on an open source application and want a lightweight interop layer to SQLite, then the SQLite code in Media Portal may be of interest (see SQLiteClient.cs)

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The current (april 2011) links seem to be here System.Data.SQLite (3.7.6)

But there seems to be some problem with the installer. The doen't install SQLite.Interop.dll properly to GAC.

I did not install it in GAC and load it with absolut path and that works fine for me.

Just noted, that the ticket is open again. Check there for new work arounds and solutions.

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Note that SQLite.Interop.dll is unmanaged code and therefore doesn't belong in the GAC at all. Doesn't mean it's not a pain though - took me about a day to get something working and I'm still not sure which Voodoo trick was the one that worked... –  Mike Woodhouse Aug 17 '11 at 14:17
@Mike Woodhouse Just trying to do it with W7 64 bit. Don't know how to. But I got it to work within a W7-32 VM. I'm not really amused. –  bernd_k Aug 21 '11 at 16:48

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