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Using play 2.1.2-RC2, with controllers injected, I'm having a null pointer exception.

My Controller: @Named @Singleton public class Authentication extends play.mvc.Controller{

private static final String FLASH_ERROR_KEY = "error";

public Result login() {
    return Results.ok(views.html.authentication.login.render());


My Test:

@RunWith(MockitoJUnitRunner.class) public class AuthenticationTest extends WithApplication {

private Authentication controllerUnderTest;

public void setUpControllers() {
    controllerUnderTest = new Authentication();
    final GlobalSettings settings = new GlobalSettings() {
        public <A> A getControllerInstance(Class<A> aClass) throws Exception {
            return (A) controllerUnderTest;


public void should_respond_with_login_page() {
    Call call = routes.Authentication.login();
    String route = call.url();
    Result result = route(fakeRequest(GET, route));



When runnint play test, I get the following null pointer exception:

error] Test controllers.authentication.AuthenticationTest.should_respond_with_login_page failed: null error] at scala.Option.getOrElse(Option.scala:120) error] at play.test.Helpers.route(Helpers.java:322) error] at play.test.Helpers.route(Helpers.java:317) error] at controllers.authentication.AuthenticationTest.should_respond_with_login_page(AuthenticationTest.java:47) error] ...

What is the best way to test controllers when controllers are injected in play 2.1.2-RC2?

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One note: This test is in a sub project. –  Joao Pereira Jun 29 '13 at 14:25
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