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I am not posting the entire code. I have this:

public class LinkedList2<T extends Comparable<T>> implements Iterable<T> {

    private Node<T> head;
    private Node<T> tail;
    private int numOfElem;

    private class Node<T> {

        Node<T> next;
        T data;

        Node(Node<T> next, T data) {
            this.next = next;
            this.data = data;

    private class LinkedList2Iterator<T> implements Iterator<T> {
            private int count = LinkedList2.this.numOfElem;
            private Node<T> current = LinkedList2.this.head;

On javac -Xlint LinkedList2.java I get this error:

LinkedList2.java:134: incompatible types
found   : LinkedList2<T>.Node<T>
required: LinkedList2<T>.Node<T>
        private Node<T> current = LinkedList2.this.head;
1 error

Can you help?

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When you define your inner class LinkedList2Iterator, you've made it generic with another <T> generic type parameter. That <T> doesn't match the <T> from the outer class LinkedList2.

private class LinkedList2Iterator<T> implements Iterator<T> {

You don't need to declare another <T> here, just use the <T> from the outer class, which is still in scope:

private class LinkedList2Iterator implements Iterator<T> {
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Aha! thanks. But what about the T in Iterator<T> ? That does not conflict with T in LinkedList2<T>? –  abc Jun 29 '13 at 0:22
The <T> in Iterator<T> doesn't conflict with LinkedList2<T>, because it simply uses the <T> defined in LinedList2<T>. –  rgettman Jun 29 '13 at 0:25

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