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Good Day - I am having an issue that I have not been able to get passed.
I have a jqGrid that is set up as a Local datatype,

I set some columns as editable based on data (using 'setColProp') I am dynamically loading the grid and calling the trigger to 'reloadGrid'

I can load the data fine, but if I do not have gridview:true set , then the column sorting does not work at all. (I get the Up/Down arrows, but clicking on column does nothing), the cells i wanted editable are editable.

If I set gridview:true, the sorting works, but the columns I had set to editable are now not editable.

So, either I either get a sortable list with no editable cells, or editable cells with no sorting.

the Javascript for this is rather long and I dont have a small use case for this but thought someone might have a suggestion that would be great.

Thanks in advance.

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It's better if you post the code which you use. The code with some test data (at least two rows) can clear all. For example common problem is that one write about "editable" rows (which can be edited later) and means "editing" rows (where inline editing of rows are started already). It's important where in the code you call setColProp to prevent editing of some columns. It should be immediately before starting of editing. –  Oleg Jun 29 '13 at 11:57
Moreover all could hard depend not only from the editing mode which you use (form editing, inline editing or cell editing) but also from the implementation of some editing mode. For example inline editing one can implement by manual call of editRow inside of onSelectRow or ondblClickRow or by usage of inlineNav or formatter: "actions". The version of jqGrid which you use could be also important to know. –  Oleg Jun 29 '13 at 12:00
Thanks Oleg - appreciate the feedback –  Nutshell Jan 1 at 20:18

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