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Is there a library for 'count trailing zeroes'(ctz command)?
What is the procedure for do that?

I tried:

using namespace std;
int main()
    int value = 12;
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C/C++ standard libraries don't offer that operation. There are, however, compiler-specific intrinsics for most of this kind of bitwise operations.

With gcc/clang, it's __builtin_ctz. You don't need any #include to use it, precisely because it's an intrinsic command. There's a list of GCC intrinsics here, and a list of Clang intrinsics here.

With Visual Studio, you need to #include <intrin.h>, and use _BitScanReverse as shown in this answer.

If you want to make your code portable across compilers, you're encouraged to provide your own macros/wrappers.

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