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I have searched high and low and found no complete answers. Nothing seems to work. I'm fairly new to django but it seems that what I'm doing should be fine. I don't want to have my members sign up with a username. I hate usernames. Just the email address and password is needed. So I'm forced to make a custom user (the way I understand it). After that adjustment nothing seems to work. I just want django-registration to accept my custom user but it can't. I have tried a handful of forks on github that claim to have updated the registration to accept custom users. They don't seem to work. My questions are:

What is a valid version of django-registration that allows for custom users? How do you install that version?

Maybe I'm doing something wrong in installing it...

I am able to log into my administration and I'm able to log into the user account that was created when I created my super user account (command line). My only problem is that I am unable to sign up as a new user. I'm just taken to the sign up page again after submitting. If I don't fill in all the required sign up info I see the expected notices so the code is partially working. The database doesn't show a new user either. Hopefully someone can help me because I've been researching and trying new things for days.


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see that, django-registration dont support custom user. –  lalo Jun 29 '13 at 3:47

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I would simply comment, but due to my lack of posting am unable. Anyways...

As lalo stated, django-registration doesn't really support custom users. You could try doing this. I added an extra field to my model and made those changes, which allow me to create users but failed to save the value of my extra field.

So I would say that custom users + django-registration can be done, but you will likely end up overriding many classes/methods provided in django-registration and thus it may be easier to try to create it all from scratch. That's my brief experience, at least.

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Thanks. That's what I concluded. Some of the "forks" that I have seen come close. I may end up adjusting the fork you mentioned. It seems that the custom user registration versions let you add fields along with the username field... I could be wrong though. I'm pretty new to django. –  Joel Jun 29 '13 at 11:12

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