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I've a small problem in my Java Spring roo application. I've a form in spring mvc that is sent to the controller. When the action of the controller is done I want that the form will have the same values. I post the code

    <form:find finderName="ByAll" id="ff_com_indra_gestorincidencias_domain_Incidencia" path="/incidencias" z="8g0Qsvb7cpxOjXEX1zHi6ZjMKZ0=">
    <field:select disableFormBinding="true" field="estado" id="f_com_indra_gestorincidencias_domain_Incidencia_estado" items="${estadoes}" path="estado" required="true"  z="a1SzDWNeiqFi4O24p2vLKo/8Yqk="/>
    <field:select disableFormBinding="true" field="grupo" id="f_com_indra_gestorincidencias_domain_Incidencia_grupo" itemValue="id" items="${grupoes}" path="/grupoes" required="true" z="cu+AZGMD4r/Uxd4FAFB/dD9/bK0="/>
    <field:select disableFormBinding="true" field="prioridad" id="f_com_indra_gestorincidencias_domain_Incidencia_prioridad" items="${prioridads}" path="/prioridads" required="true" z="31fl3T67nC9E3/cN1vd3qgK28UM="/>
    <field:select disableFormBinding="true" field="tipo" id="f_com_indra_gestorincidencias_domain_Incidencia_tipo" items="${tipoes}" path="/tipoes" required="true" z="U8p7YJAvx8921S14MHAnv/q5Is4="/>
    <field:select disableFormBinding="true" field="usuario" id="f_com_indra_gestorincidencias_domain_Incidencia_usuario" itemValue="id" items="${usuarios}" path="/usuarios" required="true" z="1ugSYrR3+Wixll46D3RN13/RkYA="/>

This is my form and this is my controller

    @RequestMapping(params = "find=ByAll", method = RequestMethod.GET, produces = "text/html")
public String list(@PathVariable("estado")Estado estado, Grupo grupo, Prioridad prioridad,Tipo tipo, Usuario usuario, Model uiModel) {

    uiModel.addAttribute("incidencias", Incidencia.findIncidenciasByEstadoAndGrupoAndPrioridadAndTipoAndUsuario(estado, grupo, prioridad, tipo, usuario).getResultList());

    // Populate idselect
    uiModel.addAttribute("estado", estado.name());
    uiModel.addAttribute("grupo", grupo);
    uiModel.addAttribute("prioridad", prioridad.name());
    uiModel.addAttribute("tipo", tipo.name());
    uiModel.addAttribute("usuario", usuario.getId());

    // Populate select
    uiModel.addAttribute("estadoes", java.util.Arrays.asList(Estado.class.getEnumConstants()));
    uiModel.addAttribute("grupoes", Grupo.findAllGrupoes());
    uiModel.addAttribute("prioridads", java.util.Arrays.asList(Prioridad.class.getEnumConstants()));
    uiModel.addAttribute("tipoes", java.util.Arrays.asList(Tipo.class.getEnumConstants()));
    uiModel.addAttribute("usuarios", Usuario.findAllUsuarios());
    return "incidencias/list";


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Try: disableFormBinding = "false" – Ralph Jun 29 '13 at 3:45
When I put disableFormBinding = "false", I obtain the next error:Grave: El Servlet.service() para el servlet [gestorincidencias] en el contexto con ruta [/gestorincidencias] lanzó la excepción [Request processing failed; nested exception is org.apache.tiles.impl.CannotRenderException: ServletException including path '/WEB-INF/layouts/incidencias.jspx'.] con causa raíz java.lang.IllegalStateException: Neither BindingResult nor plain target object for bean name 'command' available as request attribute at org.springframework.web.servlet.support.BindStatus.<init>(BindStatus.java:141) – user2533814 Jun 29 '13 at 9:05
Sorry you will need to translate it. But the key problem is clear: you need a command object, like for the forms used to create an entity. – Ralph Jun 29 '13 at 23:50
You should have a Model Attribute, which is just a POJO (Plain Old Java Object) to represent the form values, and use (at)ModelAttribute in your handler and the modelAttribute property on your form:form tag to map the values of the form to the Model Attribute. You may also want to add the Model Attribute your create to the (at)SessionAttributes of your Controller so it's maintained in session. – CodeChimp Jul 1 '13 at 11:26

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