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Given an input stream I would like to create a lazy sequence of the data in the form of byte-arrays (chunks). Here's my try:

(defn- read-or-nil [stream]
  (let [buf (byte-array 2)]
    (when-not (= -1 (.read stream buf))

(defn byte-chunk-seq [stream]
  (cons (read-or-nil stream) (lazy-seq (byte-chunk-seq stream))))

(with-open [rdr ( "/tmp/wut")]                                                                                                                                                                                         
  (take 2 (byte-chunk-seq rdr))) 

In the last statement, where I'm testing the code, I get a:

IOException Stream Closed (

If I change the statement to be a take 1 then it returns fine, but that doesn't help me much. Does anyone have any ideas why this wouldn't work?

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There are a couple issues.

First, your lazy sequence isn't entirely correct. The whole body of the function should by wrapped in lazy-seq, and it should pass in either the cons to continue the sequence, or nil to terminate it.

(defn byte-chunk-seq [stream]
  (lazy-seq (if-let [buf (read-or-nil stream)]
              (cons buf (byte-chunk-seq stream))

Second, take is also lazy. So the lazy sequence is not going to be realized until after with-open has closed the stream. You can avoid this error by wrapping a doall around the lazy sequence to realize it before the stream is closed.

(with-open [rdr ( "/tmp/wut")]
  (doall (take 2 (byte-chunk-seq rdr))))
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