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I've tried , but I got Privileged instruction exception, I guess the reason is I was in user mode (ring-3) and this operation requires ring-0. So, do you know any ways I can solve it?

I read that I could write driver using Windows Driver Foundation or try to use WinAPI.

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You are correct, you have to do this in kernel mode. Why do you want to read/change the CMOS? Could WMI give you the information you're looking for?

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Yes, I could read this data using WMI (actually, I'm doing that). The only thing I can't get about WMI is where I can find boot order information. I'm developing application to automate computer assembling process. That's why I need to set serial number, manufacturer, boot order, disable floppy and so on. – Ivri Nov 15 '09 at 19:09
Yep, you're up a creek then, all of the boot order stuff is highly BIOS-specific. If you're an OEM, you might have some leverage with the BIOS manufacturer for them to help you out a bit. – Paul Betts Nov 19 '09 at 6:10

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