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I'm running this example of how to record with AVAudioRecorder but when I run it on my device shows me late start of the recording, not so in the simulator.


- (IBAction)recordAudio:(id)sender {
if (!_audioRecorder.recording)
    [_audioRecorder record];


and log:

2013-06-29 03:29:49.877 AVARecorder[6737:907] start
2013-06-29 03:29:50.092 AVARecorder[6737:907] end

0.2 delay in my iPad but work fine in Simulator.

I should check to solve this problem?

My device is an iPad with iOS 6.1.3

Thnxs for advance and sorry for my bad eng.

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What do you expect to happen? Actual hardware does have its finite response time. Is it above what is considered normal? –  MasterAM Jun 29 '13 at 12:23
MasterAM, I need to synchronize MPMoviePlayerController and AVAudioRecorder. for karaoke video app. The 200 milliseconds produces lag and the lag in the simulator is 5 milliseconds ....As I can control the lag that each device can be different –  Fgiardina Jun 30 '13 at 1:54
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