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Using the following test code, I can successfully access the URL property of the address book on a device, but not of the built-in address book of the simulator:

CFErrorRef err = nil;
ABAddressBookRef addressBookRef = ABAddressBookCreateWithOptions (NULL, &err);
assert(addressBookRef != nil);
CFArrayRef peopleInAddressBookRef = ABAddressBookCopyArrayOfAllPeople(addressBookRef);
int nrPeopleInAddressBook = (int)CFArrayGetCount (peopleInAddressBookRef);

for (int index=0; index < nrPeopleInAddressBook; index++) {
    ABRecordRef nxtABRecordRef = CFArrayGetValueAtIndex (peopleInAddressBookRef,(CFIndex)index);

    ABMultiValueRef URLsRef = ABRecordCopyValue(nxtABRecordRef, kABPersonURLProperty);
    if (URLsRef != nil) { // if at least 1 URL exists
        CFIndex nrURLs = ABMultiValueGetCount(URLsRef);
        NSLog(@"Index: %i, # URLs: %i", index, (int)nrURLs);
    } // if any URL defined
} // for all people

On the simulator, nrURLs is always 0, although the mock contact "Kate Bell" has a work home page assigned, and URLsRef is not nil.
Is this a bug in the simulator or do I something wrong?

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