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I'm trying to put a scroll up (back to top) button in my blogger blog.

That should be, in principle, quite simple, but I don't why I can't manage to do it. Now after trying so many things I'm totally frustrated.

I'm using the following html code:

<a style="display:scroll;position:fixed;bottom:5px;right:5px;" href="#"><img src="url address of image" /></a>

The button is there as expected, but when I click on it, it reloads the blog instead of going to the top. Why?? no clue.

I tried to use an "id" in the logo image and link to it, and I've also tried to use in the blog head a name tag "name=Top" and link it with href="#Top".But it doesn't matter. It always reload the blog instead of going to the top.

For instance, when I'm inside a post and I click on the button it goes to the main page instead of scrolling up within the post.

If you want to check it yourself, please do it. My blog is

Whatever help you can provide me it would be very appreciated because I don't know what's happening.


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You should be using Javascript/JQuery to do this.

Refer to this question: How to scroll to top of page with javascript/jquery?

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Great! Thank you so much! problem solved! – cardogar Jul 1 '13 at 17:58

What I finally used to solve my problem was:

Button html:

<a style="display:scroll;position:fixed;bottom:5px;right:5px;" href="#wrap" class='go-to-top' title="Back to top"><img src="image url" /></a>

Body html:

<script src=''/>
  $(function () {
  $(&#39;.go-to-top&#39;).click(function () {
  scrollTop: 0
   }, 500);
  return false;
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