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I have an image code tostring in a pygame program :

img_string = pygame.image.tostring(img, "RGB")

I then save this string to a file and I want to be able to open it up again with the image.tobuffer function. However, I need to convert it back to 24bi bytes. I tried img_bytes = bytes(img, 'utf-8'), which of course doesn't work and I couldn't find how to get the format right.

Thanks very much if you can help me !

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Reasonably, and according to the documentation, when you created it with tostring(), you should convert it back with fromstring(), not frombuffer().

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thanks for the answer, unfortunately fromstring doesn't work either. I had read the docs and tried fromstring but it raises the same error as frombuffer : string length does not match resolution and size. –  user2534498 Jun 29 '13 at 15:58

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