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I'm new in makefiles and I'm trying to change directories inside makefile, my problem is that I'm not able to change those directories and I'm receiving this message : /bin/sh:1: cd can't cd to /home/.......

my code is :

 # !/bin/sh

CHECK_LIB = true`
DIR= /home/me/dir/

ifeq($(CHECK_LIB), true)
cd $(DIR); ./bootstarp -c ;

also I have tried $(shell cd $(DIR) ; ls ) without any luck. Has some a good opinion how should I do/try ? os: ubuntu 12.04 Tks!

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You have some syntax errors in your file. Is this a proper copy/paste from your original? Or did you make errors when you copied it? As listed, it won't match CHECK_LIB since it's value is true` rather than true. –  lurker Jun 29 '13 at 12:21

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First of all you don't need /bin/sh on top, since Makefile is not a shell script, then, rules are written prepended by TAB. However, conditionals are not part of rules, so, they don't need to be prepended with TAB. So try this:

CHECK_LIB = true
DIR = /home/me/dir/

ifeq($(CHECK_LIB), true)
<TAB>cd $(DIR) && ./bootstarp -c

You can also use make shell command but not in rule:

ifeq($(CHECK_LIB), true)
BOOTSTRAP_OUT := $(shell cd $(DIR) && ./bootstarp -c)

but I guess it's not what you want since it'll be executed before any rule and not considering any dependency. And this way you can grab the list in of files/folders in your makefile:

FILELIST := $(shell cd $(DIR) && ls)
$(warning FILELIST is $(FILELIST))
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it's working thanks for the help ! –  catalin Jun 30 '13 at 10:42
@catalin I am glad that I could help, now you can upvote and accept the answer (stackoverflow.com/about) –  pmod Jul 9 '13 at 12:37

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