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I have one form and one table showing the results of the values added to the form. When I started translating the form I put the following code in the table headers:

<th> <%= t :kilometers %> </th>

The result after this change was "Kilometers", although I don't have such a value in the en.yml file, which is perfect for me.

Since I am using bootstrap and need to put a translated attribute to the input tag. I tried to do it in the same way in order to acheive the same result as the above one:

<%= f.text_field :kilometers, placeholder: I18n.t(:kilometers) %>

But now rails tells me "translation missing".

Could you please tell me how can I acheive the same effect.

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You have to add an entry to your en.yml file. In the table header you just don't see the warning but it is there. If you hover over the text in your th, you will see:

translation missing: en.kilometers

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Yes, I know. But I was wondering why should I do that since it is working with the table, but not with the attribute? –  niki4ko Jun 29 '13 at 13:56
@niki4ko It's not working in the table! The warning is added in the title attribute of a span, that's why you don't see it, but the warning is there. You can't add a span tag inside a text_field, that's why you do see it in the text field. The only solution is to add an entry for kilometers to en.yml. –  Mischa Jun 29 '13 at 14:00
Ahhh, I see. Yes, it is not working. Actually that was my question - what is actually happening. Thank you very much! It is very clear now! –  niki4ko Jun 29 '13 at 14:16

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