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New to ActiveMQ. Using ruby stomp gem. I believe I'm successfully publish'ing messages to the server, as I see them in the queue in my browser admin client. But on subscribe nothing happens, no error, no output. The "in subscribe" test text from puts never appears in stdout, nor does the msg.

Should I be using a different naming format for the queues?

require 'stomp'
port = 61613

client = Stomp::Client.new( 'admin', 'admin', '', port )
client.publish("/queue/mine2", "hello world!")
puts "about to subscribe"

client.subscribe("/queue/mine2") do |msg|
  puts "in subscribe"
  puts msg
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I believe You are closing the client before it gets a chance to receive anything.

If there is no preemption between client.subscribe and client.close background thread that listens for new messages never gets run.

You should try adding


before closing it.

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Thanks very much! –  bethesdaboys Jun 30 '13 at 0:48

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