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Reading much about module loading, I learned, that a module has to be defined in a single JavaScript file. This rule is broken in the dojo layer file (http://download.dojotoolkit.org/release-1.9.0/dojo.js.uncompressed.js). I thought that the file name is part of the module identifier, so I do not understand how the modules are resolved in this layer file and why there is no "multipleDefine" error ;-)

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If you look at the contents of a built layer file, you will see that it has been replaced with a call to require to populate the loader’s internal cache with many modules at once, looking something like this:

  cache: {
    'module/A': function(){
      // contents of module A
    'module/B': function(){
      // contents of module B
    // etc

It is no longer a standard AMD module, which means:

  1. it will not work if you try to use it with a loader other than the Dojo loader, and
  2. you can have multiple modules defined in one file.

Incidentally, this process is the reason why you can define global variables inside a module that work fine pre-build but break after a build (all of the module code is now inside a new function with a new lexical scope).

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