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Im working on an aplication with phonegap for android with eclipse.

I downloaded an example that I use for the Facebook Login, i downloaded from the follow link: http://marguspala.com/add-facebook-login-to-phonegap-android-app-easiest-way/

It works correctly with the Id that include itself in the example, but when i put my Id from Facebook Developers, it stops to work.

I'm in the step that i put the login or register through Facebook aplication. But i have a doubt, I don't know what i have to put in the section of the Native Aplication of Android in Facebook Developers inside the 3 labels, package name, class name or key hashes.

I need to know what I have to put inside the 3 sections that i have mentioned before and where I have to put the Id of the aplication.

Thanks to everyone.

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Isn't it the same as stackoverflow.com/questions/8955120/… ? –  Victor Sergienko Sep 17 '13 at 14:39

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