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I have a domain hosted at Dreamhost -- It has Google Apps associated with it: the 50 free email accounts which are no longer available for a new domain. I just got another domain -- I want to become my main domain, but I still want to use the free Google Apps associated with to handle incoming mail.

My question: Can I adjust the MX records of so that incoming messages to will be redirected to and then be handled by my Google Apps?

I can adjust the DNS for both foobar domains, but I don't think that I can ask Google's account to also handle emails directly.

Thank you!

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No. You can use MX records to direct mail destined for to any mail server you want, but when the mail is presented to the chosen mail server, it will still be destined to

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Thank you, Celada. I was afraid of that! – Christopher Werby Jun 30 '13 at 16:34
I think you can put in an email forward in Google Apps to froward it to the other domain for each one of those 50 free email addresses – henry Jul 2 '13 at 19:26

As Celada saw, with DNS you can't.

You can do that with Google Apps Default Routing:

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As suggested in this thread, You'd need to point your MX records to a service that supports mail redirection

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