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I'm looking to build offline-capable web apps in the next few months that require persistant client-side storage ideally larger than localStore and was curious does anyone know the status of IndexedDB in iOS 7 beta? I'm guessing it's still not available but am not seeing it tested on caniuse yet.

Web-Sql was deprecated years ago so I'm reluctant to continue relying on it but it still appears to be available on iOS 7 beta according to caniuse so I suppose an alternative would be to stick with websql for now or use a polyfill.

I'm just trying to avoid relying too heavily on web-sql if it's not going to be around much longer or most other platforms have moved on to IndexedDB in the meantime.

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For questions about iOS7, which is still under NDA, please visit the Apple Developer forums. –  keen Jul 1 '13 at 6:05

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I would advice you to use the polyfill for now. this way your code will be indexeddb API ready. When the indexedDB API then arrives it's only a matter of disabling the polyfill (and that will even happen automatically)

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That makes perfect sense - and thank you for pointing me in the direction of a polyfill as well! –  asquarestudio Sep 19 '13 at 15:16

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