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I am currently learning UDK tutorials but I dont understand how to make real game with this like exporting my maya models and its animation rigs etc etc like in unity we do. Also how do I program my characters, AI for enemies etc. Please convey your opinion how to go advance with UDK ?

Thanks in advance

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This is a very big topic. There is a lot of learning material on the web for UDK but it's less user-friendly than Unity. Importing maya models here: For larger programming questions you'll probably need a book length guide like

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Creating an entire game is a hard and time consuming project.

First of all I would recommend that you start with a small project, even though it is tempting to just go ahead and make the game of your dreams. Been down that road before..

Go to this page: and click and read everything that is relevant to your game.

This is important so that you have a small understanding of everything before you start.

Then go ahead and follow some tutorials, and you'll probably have to read most of the documentation again..

I know this seems hard, but to get it right, this is the way to go..

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