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I am trying to write a query where I can eliminate a timediff of less than 2 minutes. I have tried variations on the following which returns no results


the timediff without the > works fine and returns all results - I am having difficulty with the >00:02:00 condition. Can anyone help - many thanks

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This is probably the "old way" but it eliminates the need to check hours, days, etc.

UNIX_TIMESTAMP(fieldOne) - UNIX_TIMESTAMP(fieldTwo) < 120

You can also use NOW() in place of a field name.

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You need to extract the minute from the time then compare it.

minute(timediff(sessions.producer_on,sessions.producer_off)) > 2 AND 
hour(timediff(sessions.producer_on,sessions.producer_off)) = 0

Also it may be necessary to make sure that the hour is 0 since only when the hour is zero does the minute actually matter.

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nice one - works perfectly - many thanks –  al. Nov 16 '09 at 20:35
No Problem. Glad to help. –  Vincent Ramdhanie Nov 16 '09 at 23:16

Change it to

timediff(sessions.producer_on,sessions.producer_off) > TIME('00:02:00')

and it should work.

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