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Angular JS Newbie: I get the gapi is not defined because sydney.userAuthed is called before the API is loaded. But I don't understand why the method sydney.auth is called when the controller is created. I get the error when the page loads, there is no user interaction.

calling auth api.js:22
ReferenceError: gapi is not defined
    at Object.sydney.userAuthed (http://localhost:8888/js/api.js:36:8)
    at Object.sydney.auth (http://localhost:8888/js/api.js:23:30)
    at new LoginController (http://localhost:8888/js/controllers.js:8:24)
    at invoke (http://localhost:8888/lib/angular/angular.js:2902:28)
    at Object.instantiate (http://localhost:8888/lib/angular/angular.js:2914:23)
    at http://localhost:8888/lib/angular/angular.js:4805:24
    at updateView (http://localhost:8888/lib/angular/angular-ui-router.js:931:30)
    at <error: illegal access>
    at Object.Scope.$broadcast (http://localhost:8888/lib/angular/angular.js:8307:28)
    at $state.transition.resolved.then.$state.transition (http://localhost:8888/lib/angular/angular-ui-router.js:747:20) angular.js:5754
OAuth2 API loaded api.js:13

I defined a state with ui-router as:

myapp.config(function($stateProvider, $routeProvider) {

    $stateProvider.state('signin', {
        url : "/", // root route
        views : {
            "signinView" : {
                templateUrl : 'partials/signin.html',
                controller: 'LoginController'

The controller is defined as:

function LoginController($scope, $state) {
  $scope.auth = sydney.auth($state);

sydney.auth method is used to authenticate a user using Google APIs Client Library for JavaScript.

var sydney = sydney || {};

sydney.auth = function($state) {
    console.log("calling auth");
    sydney.signin(false, sydney.userAuthed($state));

sydney.signin = function(mode, callback) {
      gapi.auth.authorize({client_id: sydney.CLIENT_ID,
        scope: sydney.SCOPES, immediate: mode,
        response_type: 'token id_token'},
      console.log("signin called");

sydney.userAuthed = function($state) { 
      var request =
          gapi.client.oauth2.userinfo.get().execute(function(resp) {
        if (!resp.code) {
          var token = gapi.auth.getToken();
          token.access_token = token.id_token;
          // User is signed in, call my Endpoint
          gapi.client.realestate.owner.create().execute(function(resp) {
              alert("Signed In");


The correct answer is to define $scope.auth as a function:

function LoginController($scope, $state) {
  $scope.auth = function() { 
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Do you have a plunker for this? You can try to add gapi to function variables like this function($state, gapi) –  notme Jun 29 '13 at 18:16
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It seems what you're trying to do is make the sydney.auth function available from your scope. If so, you should change your LoginController to:

function LoginController($scope, $state) {
  $scope.auth = sydney.auth;

What your code was doing was calling the sydney.auth function and setting $scope.auth to its return value, which is not what I think you intended.

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Answer accepted because it helped me to find the right solution. Question edited with the correct answer. –  Sydney Jun 29 '13 at 21:40
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