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I'm tying extract some content of some equal emails with php but I can't.

With that:

$body = imap_body($imap_o, $email_n);

I get:

Pour = le r=E9cup=E9rer, il suffit de le t=E9l=E9charger, de le r=E9ceptionner puis de    l=92ouvrir.=Une f= ois votre traduction termin=E9e, n=92oubliez pas de sauvegarder vos paires de langues et d=92effectuer une v=E9rification g=E9n=E9rale (statuts des segments, b= alises, nombres, espaces, majuscules, etc.).Ensui= te, cliquez sur =AB=A0Terminer et livrer=A0=BB.Voici le r=E9capitulatif du projet=A0:

but there are lot of =* I know that =20 its and space, but here there are others that I don't know what mean.

If I add quoted_printable_decode():

$body = quoted_printable_decode($body);

I get:

Pour le r�cup�rer, il suffit de le t�l�charger, de le r�ceptionner puis de l�ouvrir. Une fois votre traduction termin�e, n�oubliez pas de sauvegarder vos paires de langues et d�effectuer une v�rification g�n�rale (statuts des segments, balises, nombres, espaces, majuscules, etc.). Ensuite, cliquez sur ��Terminer et livrer��. Voici le r�capitulatif du projet�:

I added imap_qprint() and utf8_decode and nothing improve...

Before decode that messages I need to send a "clean" copy of those, without some information, and if I can get those on plain format it will help me to do it much faster and easier.

And If i need to delete some words of the body how can I do?

Thanks in advance and sorry for my poor english.

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$body = utf8_encode(quoted_printable_decode($body));
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Nice, it works. I tried it after...but now works. And what about convert it to plaint text, without HTML? or some way that allow me to remove some lines or words without loose performance? Thank you! EDIT: Well, better without loose HTML fromat, because I've to resend it. –  acasanovas Jun 29 '13 at 18:40

and maybe you could set the file encoding. in dw, ctrl+j, title encoding settings, utf8 without bom. or notepad2, file > encoding > utf8

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hi, the file encoding it's already on utf8. –  acasanovas Jun 30 '13 at 11:00

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