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This seems like something which must have been answered before, but I can't find anything appropriate in the question archives. Basically, I'm looking for a little Domain Specific Language to create flowcharts. I'm terrible at graphic design and making things look nice, and I'd really like a langauge where I could write something in code and it would produce a pretty flowchart. I've come across GraphViz, but it seems more suited to creating things like Finite State Machine diagrams, rather than process flowcharts. It also doesn't have the simple DSL-style front-end that would allow me to easily work it.

Any ideas?

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Have a look at PlantUml - in particular their Activity State diagrams.

As an example (from their site) produces the image below:



if (graphviz installed?) then (yes)
  :process all\ndiagrams;
else (no)
  :process only
  __sequence__ and __activity__ diagrams;



enter image description here

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MindFusion offers components for diagramming that you can access programmatically.

They offer components for WPF and WinForms:

In the past I've used their WPF component on a DSL editor project. Based on Toolbox drag-and-drops in the DSL editor, WPFDiagram was called to create shapes on the Drawing Surface.

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