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I recently upgraded to Cordova 2.9.0 from 2.3.0. After following all the upgrade instructions, I was able to get the app to launch in the simulator. However, in Xcode I see the following errors:

ERROR: Plugin 'Device' not found, or is not a CDVPlugin. Check your plugin mapping in config.xml.
-[CDVCommandQueue executePending] [Line 103] FAILED pluginJSON = ["Device1776032119","Device","getDeviceInfo",[]]
ERROR: Plugin 'NetworkStatus' not found, or is not a CDVPlugin. Check your plugin mapping in config.xml.
-[CDVCommandQueue executePending] [Line 103] FAILED pluginJSON = ["NetworkStatus1776032120","NetworkStatus","getConnectionInfo",[]]
-[CDVCommandQueue executePending] [Line 103] FAILED pluginJSON = ["INVALID","Logger","logLevel",["LOG","deviceready has not fired after 5 seconds."]]
ERROR: Plugin 'Logger' not found, or is not a CDVPlugin. Check your plugin mapping in config.xml.
-[CDVCommandQueue executePending] [Line 103] FAILED pluginJSON = ["INVALID","Logger","logLevel",["LOG","Channel not fired: onCordovaConnectionReady"]]
ERROR: Plugin 'Logger' not found, or is not a CDVPlugin. Check your plugin mapping in config.xml.
-[CDVCommandQueue executePending] [Line 103] FAILED pluginJSON = ["INVALID","Logger","logLevel",["LOG","Channel not fired: onCordovaInfoReady"]]

This is my config.xml file:

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
    <feature name="Geolocation">
        <param name="ios-package" value="CDVLocation" />
    <feature name="Device">
        <param name="ios-package" value="CDVDevice" />
    <feature name="Accelerometer">
        <param name="ios-package" value="CDVAccelerometer" />
    <feature name="Compass">
        <param name="ios-package" value="CDVLocation" />
    <feature name="Media">
        <param name="ios-package" value="CDVSound" />
    <feature name="Camera">
        <param name="ios-package" value="CDVCamera" />
    <feature name="Contacts">
        <param name="ios-package" value="CDVContacts" />
    <feature name="File">
        <param name="ios-package" value="CDVFile" />
    <feature name="NetworkStatus">
        <param name="ios-package" value="CDVConnection" />
    <feature name="Notification">
        <param name="ios-package" value="CDVNotification" />
    <feature name="FileTransfer">
        <param name="ios-package" value="CDVFileTransfer" />
    <feature name="Capture">
        <param name="ios-package" value="CDVCapture" />
    <feature name="Battery">
        <param name="ios-package" value="CDVBattery" />
    <feature name="SplashScreen">
        <param name="ios-package" value="CDVSplashScreen" />
    <feature name="Echo">
        <param name="ios-package" value="CDVEcho" />
    <feature name="Globalization">
        <param name="ios-package" value="CDVGlobalization" />
    <feature name="InAppBrowser">
        <param name="ios-package" value="CDVInAppBrowser" />
    <feature name="Logger">
        <param name="ios-package" value="CDVLogger" />
    <feature name="LocalStorage">
        <param name="ios-package" value="CDVLocalStorage" />
    <preference name="KeyboardDisplayRequiresUserAction" value="true" />
    <preference name="SuppressesIncrementalRendering" value="false" />
    <preference name="UIWebViewBounce" value="true" />
    <preference name="TopActivityIndicator" value="gray" />
    <preference name="EnableLocation" value="false" />
    <preference name="EnableViewportScale" value="false" />
    <preference name="AutoHideSplashScreen" value="true" />
    <preference name="ShowSplashScreenSpinner" value="true" />
    <preference name="MediaPlaybackRequiresUserAction" value="false" />
    <preference name="AllowInlineMediaPlayback" value="false" />
    <preference name="OpenAllWhitelistURLsInWebView" value="false" />
    <preference name="BackupWebStorage" value="cloud" />
    <preference name="fullscreen" value="true" />
    <preference name="webviewbounce" value="true" />
    <access origin="*.googleapis.com"/>
    <access origin="*.gstatic.com"/>
    <access origin="*.s3.amazonaws.com"/>
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For future searchers (like me!), I had a similar problem trying to add the console plugin to my project. The missing step for me after installing the plugin was to make sure the source files of the plugin (CDVlogger.m) 'target membership' settings included my application names.

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I'm curious what could cause plugin files not to have 'Target membership' checked. I looked at plugin.xml files for other plugins that do have it, and there's nothing different I can see. –  inorganik Feb 28 at 21:18
I'm building several apps from the same code, so I created multiple targets in the xcode project. Only the default target created initially had the files in their membership. So my cordova commands didn't know about them. I confess I didn't look deeper into config.json, or something like it, to see if there was a way for me handle multiple targets in the xcode project. But adding them manually in xcode was a simple fix. –  Paul Mar 3 at 21:02
Something similar worked for me: "In XCode, goto Build Phases -> open the Compiled Sources dropdown. Click + and add the missing plugin .m file." from stackoverflow.com/a/21148428/80254 –  bjunix May 29 at 13:10
Your solution actually does the same, but is more convenient. –  bjunix May 29 at 13:34

I had the same issue. I just downloaded the cordova 3.0 command line tool using node's package manager. I then used the tool from Terminal to create my project, add platforms to it, and build it like this.

cordova create myApp com.project.RobertW myApp
cd myApp
cordova platform add ios
cordova platform add android
cordova build

After this I saw those same errors in Xcode when I tried to run it in the simulator. It seems by default now PhoneGap does not include any plugins in the project so even if there in your config file they probably won't be in the plugins folder. You have to add them manually or via the command line tool. I used the command line tool because I thought it was easier like so.

cordova plugin add https://git-wip-us.apache.org/repos/asf/cordova-plugin-device.git
cordova plugin add https://git-wip-us.apache.org/repos/asf/cordova-plugin-network-information.git
cordova plugin add https://git-wip-us.apache.org/repos/asf/cordova-plugin-console.git
cordova build

After doing this I ran myApp in the simulator again and everything worked fine. There are some good instructions on the command line tool here:


I would like to think if PhoneGap 3.0 needs Logger, Device, and Network Status that it would include those plugins automatically but in my case it did not. Hope this helps.

Edit: In the config.xml for iOS version in Xcode, you'll also need to make this change to get the Logger plugin to work correctly. The following is the default.

<feature name="Console">
    <param name="ios-package" value="CDVLogger" />

Change above to this

<feature name="Logger">
    <param name="ios-package" value="CDVLogger" />

Now all your console functions should work without throwing errors.

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Hi all, I just had the same issue with CDVDevice. The only way that worked was to create a new project, re-add the plugins as shown, and then the existing code in the www folder. Then it worked again (yay). –  Dominik Nov 8 '13 at 4:12

Similar question with answer that worked for me:

remove ./plugins/ios.json to make sure the plugins are rebuilt.

Phonegap 3.0 IOS plugins not found

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I went back to using the old <plugin> format. Although it is deprecated, it's the only way that works for me.

    <plugin name="Device" value="CDVDevice" />
    <plugin name="Logger" value="CDVLogger" />
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Heh, I always find it easier to set up a new project every time I use a new version of Phonegap, and copy my file back in. Just my preference. –  Jarrod Jul 1 '13 at 4:11
I did the same, but deprecation messages realllllly bug the hell out of me. So frustrating. –  Calvin L Jul 11 '13 at 20:46
I did the same and it worked for the facebook connect plugin:<plugin name="org.apache.cordova.facebook.Connect" value="FacebookConnectPlugin" /> –  Ryan Walton Nov 2 '13 at 17:17

I was having the same issue with the device information plugin using Phonegap 3.0.0. To solve this I simply had to uninstall and reinstall the plugin and then rebuild my project.

phonegap local plugin remove org.apache.cordova.device
phonegap local plugin add https://git-wip-us.apache.org/repos/asf/cordova-plugin-device.git
phonegap local build ios
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Came across this issue myself. Found the only solution was running cordova prepare after adding the plugins via CLI. prepare copies the necessary files across to the XCode project within the platforms folder.

I think this should be done as part of the build command, or the plugin add command if the project is present. Maybe it's a bug, maybe it's deliberate, but I couldn't find much documentation on it.

Similar question with answers.

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I also had this problem. I simply created the directory myself (platforms/ios/appname/Plugins/org.apache.cordova.console) and copied the missing files (CDVLLogger.h and CDVLLogger.m) to this directory. Then the compilation went through successfully.

I am using cordova version 3.5

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