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I have a subclass of NSProxy designed to forward messages to either an object instance or to Lua functions if they are defined for the selector. This works in most cases. UITableViewController, however, is a different case altogether. When I set up my proxy object with an instance of UITableViewController (or a stub subclass) it doesn't seem to ever receive any of the UITableViewDelegate or UITableViewDatasource messages that I expect it to.

I have the necessary methods implemented up in Lua, and they respond correctly when called manually, but they never seem to be called when I add the proxy view controller's view to the hierarchy. What might I be missing?

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You're probably getting tripped up by the way that some UIKit classes handle their delegate connection. They keep a set of flags internally indicating what messages the delegate can respond to. When you set the delegate or datasource outlet, the TableView will send several -respondsToSelector: messages to the object in question, and remember which ones returned TRUE.

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