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I'm trying to deploy some web services in a WAR application on JBoss 5.1.0.

I have created the source files from an existing wsdl using JAX-WS tool wsgen. This created the Service files and @XmlType annotated clases that would act as request and response wrappers.

This classes worked well on JBoss 4.2.3, but when moving to JBoss 5.1.0, I get this exception.

java.lang.UnsupportedOperationException: setProperty must be overridden by all subclasses of SOAPMessage

My configuration:

  • Windows XP SP3 (but getting the same on Vista, as well as on Linux)
  • Sun JDK 1.6.0_17
  • JBoss 5.1.0 GA for jdk6

Thanks in advance!

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There are a few thing that might go wrong, so I will tell you what helped in my case (analogous to yours, I was using JDK 1.6.0_13).

The problem lies in JARs mismatch. First of all make sure JBoss is using JDK 1.6 check your JAVA_HOME env. variable. Secondly make sure your classes are compiled using JDK 1.6. If you run your project from Eclipse make sure Eclipse is using right JDK, the same if you run JBoss from Eclipse.

I guess your have it right, so there comes some magic. Running client do not use libraries from $JBOSS_HOME/client, but use only the ones provided in $JBOSS_HOME/lib/endorsed. Obviously if you are using any other JAX-WS-unrelated API like JPA or EJB or Servlets you can add them to the classpath, but use only lib/endorsed JAX-WS JARs.

It helped in my particular situation in case of JBoss 5.1, in earlier versions of JBoss a few other tricks worked, for instance try to add java option -Dsun.lang.ClassLoader.allowArraySyntax=true or/and -Djava.endorsed.dirs=$JBOSS_HOME/lib/endorsed when starting your client and JBoss.

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Thanks Piotr! After all, the problem was that I was starting JBoss from within eclipse, with it's automatic launch config... which does not pass the -Djava.endorsed.dirs=$JBOSS_HOME/lib/endorsed param. After adding this (as well as running JBoss from the run.bat script) it worked fine. Thanks again! (you deserve more than just one vote up from me :) ) – Pablo Venturino Dec 2 '09 at 0:07
Tried both "-Dsun.lang.ClassLoader.allowArraySyntax=true" and "-Djava.endorsed.dirs=$JBOSS_HOME/lib/endorsed", did not work in 4.2.3.GA. – Brian Harris May 24 '10 at 20:33
i think this type of workaround is pretty bad, as it could have impact on others deployed applications, and make the industrialization process more difficult. The scope should be limited to application package (like classloader config/filters). – Dude Oct 24 '12 at 14:00

I had the same issue with an upgrade from JBoss 4.2.2 and found the answer in the JBoss 5.1.0 Release Notes:

JBossAS 5.0.0.GA can be compiled with both Java5 & Java6. The Java5 compiled binary is our primary/recommended binary distribution. It has undergone rigorous testing and can run under both a Java 5 and a Java 6 runtime. When running under Java 6 you need to manually copy the following libraries from the JBOSS_HOME/client directory to the JBOSS_HOME/lib/endorsed directory, so that the JAX-WS 2.0 apis supported by JBossWS are used:

  • jbossws-native-saaj.jar
  • jbossws-native-jaxrpc.jar
  • jbossws-native-jaxws.jar
  • jbossws-native-jaxws-ext.jar

I was using the distribution of JBoss 5.1.0 build with Java 5 (running on JDK 1.6.0_20) and sure enough copying these JARs into the endorsed directory fixed the issue. We're not using the version compiled for Java 6 because of the note:

It should be noted however that the Java 6 compiled distribution of JBoss AS 5 is still in experimental stage.

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It could be due to conflict issue with SAAJ jar. Copy Jboss's Saaj jar from {Jboss_HOME}/LIB to {JBOSS_HOME}/lib/endorsed. I hope this would help in resolving issue,

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Copying the jboss-saaj.jar from the jboss/server/<config>/lib directory to jboss/lib/endorsed did the trick for me on jboss-4.2.3.GA – Roland Schneider Jan 31 '13 at 14:03

Make sure you launch JBoss with the jvm options pointing to the endorsed libs. This is not configured by default if you launch JBoss from Eclipse, using WTP, though it is if you launch JBoss from the command line.

You can add the following to the VM arguments of the Launch Configuration:

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Good to note that eclipse won't expand $JBOSS_HOME in a run target's jvm options. – David Mann Jul 2 '12 at 18:21
Wow I ended up back here again today and don't even remember the first time! – David Mann Oct 24 '13 at 20:16

try following jars to your jboss/lib/endorsed folder

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I copied necessary lib (saaj-impl in my case) to my war from cxf distribution and turned on jboss classloader isolation with the file /WEB-INF/jboss-classloader.xml of the following content:

<classloading xmlns="urn:jboss:classloading:1.0"

Hope this help to somebody.

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If you encounter this error in the client while running a client application you need to follow similar steps in addition to those in this answer:

  1. Determine which instance of the JVM is running the application. In my case I had standalone applications using the JDK and applets using the JRE. This will be somewhere like /path/jre/bin/

  2. Add the jars from this answer to path/jre/lib/endorsed. I had to create the endorsed directory.

This tells the VM to load the jboss specific implementations before the java language defaults. This happens in the bootstrap class loader, well before the jars in the classpath are loaded.

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This is the link to this issue:

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My project was simply based on :

  • CXF 2.5.0 (Soap WebService Consumer)
  • WAR assembly (no EAR)
  • no jboss-web
  • no jboss-classloading
  • no changes in jboss/lib/endorsed (only xalan, serializer, xercesImpl)
  • running on jboss-4.2.1.GA + JDK 1.6

What it worked for me was simply to add thoses maven dependencies, next to CXF :


Hope it will help !

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My server configuration is Jboss AS 4.2.1 GA and like below, it works;

Libraries that I used at lib\endorsed;

  • JAXWS2.1.1_20070501
  • jbossws-native-jaxrpc
  • jbossws-native-jaxws
  • jbossws-native-jaxws-ext
  • jbossws-native-saaj
  • serializer
  • xalan
  • xercesImpl
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I use Jboss AS 4.3. In my case, i removed from "deploy" folder the "jbossws.sar".

See this issue:

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