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Massively messed up production issue:

I have inherited a massive ( 1 million line code base ) web application that my predecessors botched up completely.

They thought it would be a wonderful idea to just add the WEB-INF/classes directory the the system classpath in the startupWeblogic script instead of properly packaging up the application in an ear or war file, and manually point all the paths in the console to the various non-standard paths they just conceived of themselves.

Now my problem is I have to install another application as a proper war file that uses classes with the same packages and names, just even older code, into the same Weblogic 10.3.6 instances. But as you can imagine the stuff that is hacked into the system classpath takes precedence over everything in the additional webapp, even with the prefer web app lib preference set in the weblogic.xml file.


Repackaging the offending application is not an option on my timeline, it is going to be done, but just not in the timeline I have to meet. Running on other instances of Weblogic isn't in my timeline either, I don't have the time to go through the provisioning process to get the assets in time.

Given this how can I get this additional webapp to play nice and deploy in the same weblogic instance as the one that is hacked into the system classpath.

If someone can give me an answer that solves this issue, I will make sure to put a massive bounty on this when I am able to and award it to you after the fact. The sooner the answer the bigger the bounty will be!

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Did you try prefer-application-packages within the weblogic-application.xml as well?

The mechanism that Weblogic calls the Filtering Classloader, here are the links:

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yes thanks I tried that and it isn't working either. even though you should be able to put something before the system classpath we can't get it to accept the configuration, thanks for the links and any other suggestions. – Jarrod Roberson Jul 1 '13 at 23:35

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