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This question have probably been asked here before but i dont know what it and how to properly name it.

Heres my objective: Im trying to make multiple designs for separate pages. Example I have a homepage design but i also have a separate design for my login page and member are page. I usually use a header.pp and footer.php and put content in between but i dont see how that can be done here.

Example of what im trying to do is http://instagram.com/ you see how the homepage has its own design then when you hit login it has it own design with no elements from homepage how can i do that and move away from my header and footer design system.

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a template engine comes to mind – Dagon Jun 30 '13 at 2:23
use wordpress or drupal or joomla or smarty or .... adaptivethemes.com/using-multiple-templates – zod Jul 24 '13 at 22:12

Surely just don't use your header and footer temps and make new ones instead, or make a new style sheet for any pages requiring a different design.

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I thought of doing this should i really make a header for each seperate page? such as login-header.php, members-header.php, etc – Mr Johnson Jun 30 '13 at 2:26
@MrJohnson not for each page, but for each section that looks differnt. So for example header-common.php header-login.php – Kris Jun 30 '13 at 2:40

You should look into PHP Frameworks, they have a concept called layout from the example you showed of instagram the home page and login page consist of two separate layout files. Layout files are essentially a mixture of the header and footer file together with a placeholder variable to inject the content of the page. You can also implement such a pattern on your code without the use of framework. But least you will need to implement a MVC pattern for it all to make sense.

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You are looking for templates. PHP is after all a webpage-template-language so it can be done very easy.

I wrote a simple tutorial a while ago on how to do this on your own.


The function

// Load a php-file and use it as a template
function template($tpl_file, $vars=array()) {
        // Make variables from the array easily accessible in the view
        // Start collecting output in a buffer
        // Get the contents of the buffer
        $applied_template = ob_get_contents();
        // Flush the buffer
        return $applied_template;

The template

        <title><?php echo $title; ?></title>
        <p><?php echo $content ?></p>

How to use

require "template.php";
$template_vars = array('title'=>'Test', 'content'=>'This is content');
echo template('header');
echo template('template_for_firstpage', $template_vars);
echo template('footer');
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